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Shultz is first and foremost a poet and, since writing this book, a reluctant hero. But by publicly sharing his story and all the difficulty that comes with that , Schultz has helped increase dyslexia awareness and understanding…and given dyslexics a great gift. My Dyslexia stands as concrete proof if you needed it that dyslexic thinkers can adapt to almost any challenge, and contribute much that is good in the world. Remember that the next time someone pegs you or your child as lesser-than.

You, we, are decidedly not. I believe this with all my heart. You can hear Schultz read the title poem here. I am unable to withstand the gravitational pull of bookstores and anything vintage.

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I am passionate about art, books, coffee, public radio CBC , social justice and writing. Their work is decidedly raw, subversive, edgy, funny, hopeful. Shocking and eye opening to […]. Like Like. I will definitely read this book. Thanks for this enlightening and enticing review! Like Liked by 1 person. Reblogged this on Lost and Found Books and commented:. You are commenting using your WordPress. Your doctor is likely to ask you a number of questions. Be ready to answer them to reserve time to go over any points you want to focus on. Your doctor may ask:. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products.

How Technology Helped Me Cheat Dyslexia

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Diagnosis There's no single test that can diagnose dyslexia. A number of factors are considered, such as: Your child's development, educational issues and medical history. The doctor will likely ask you questions about these areas and want to know about any conditions that run in the family, including whether any family members have a learning disability.

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Home life. The doctor may ask for a description of your family and home life, including who lives at home and whether there are any problems at home. The doctor may have your child, family members or teachers answer written questions. Your child may be asked to take tests to identify reading and language abilities. Vision, hearing and brain neurological tests. These can help determine whether another disorder may be causing or adding to your child's poor reading ability.

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Psychological testing. The doctor may ask you and your child questions to better understand your child's mental health. This can help determine whether social problems, anxiety or depression may be limiting your child's abilities. Testing reading and other academic skills. Your child may take a set of educational tests and have the process and quality of reading skills analyzed by a reading expert.

Dyslexics are lazy and need to work harder.

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This is perhaps the single most damaging myth about dyslexia out there. Research has shown by the use of functional MRIs and brain mapping that slower readers use different parts of their brains when reading and working with language. The sad irony of this myth is that most dyslexic kids are trying harder than other kids — yet are still falling below the mark.

Adding to this unfortunate truth, the accusation of being lazy and you have added insult to injury. Accommodations for kids with dyslexia are a crutch. On the surface, allowing certain students more time on a test seems unfair. We have learned that students with dyslexia are just as intelligent as their peers, however because of slower processing speeds, they may need more time on tests to be able to reflect what they really know.

The difficulties in taking notes can be so profound that students will often miss the entire meaning of a lecture just trying to copy down the pertinent words. Accommodations for dyslexia allow students with dyslexia to perform at their intellectual ability. Dyslexia is untreatable. It is not a disease that can be treated with a pill.

It is a way of thinking, the way the brain is wired and how it processes information. Dyslexia in the school years can be hard. Without the right interventions, students with dyslexia can struggle with reading, writing, spelling and other subjects without ever realizing that there is a reason for their difficulties. This can lead to feelings of severe inadequacy and anxiety. Parents and teachers, who can clearly see that the dyslexic student is intelligent, often fall into believing these myths about that student.

When interviewed, successful students with dyslexia said that the single most influential experience that helped them to handle their dyslexia and come out strong was the presence of one caring adult.


One adult that learned about dyslexia and how to help that child succeed. That is you! I created a series of Parent Dyslexia Classes to help quickly educate parents or teachers of dyslexic kids.


Visit our Classes Page for more information and to learn more or to sign up. Educate yourself so you can educate your child! Sally and her husband have been studying dyslexia for years at Yale University and have conducted many studies in this area. This book is packed with information for parents and teachers. It is a wonderful resource! The book that really changed my outlook and helped explain dyslexia is called The Gift of Dyslexia. Wonderful article!!! As someone who is Dyslexic this right on!!!

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I had difficulty learning throughout my childhood due to dyslexia. My parents and teachers saw problems early on and the first round of testing took place in the second grade. However, in my county in you had to be at least 2 years behind your grade level to get help but I was not that far behind.

This went on till the 10th grade. In this episode the character Theo went through all the same steps I would go through when studying for a test.